EGR CONSULTANTS LLC is a corporation established in Fl, USA.

As a consulting firm, we have developed a business approach by making a difference in commodities trading, specifically in energy and mining. We deal only with established corporations and help to optimize the timing and resources, whether serving as an agent to a supplier, or acting on behalf of the end user or trader. Our reputation, know-how, and experience have given us a unique position in this line of business. We help our clients to source their needs while respecting industry protocols, and use the knowledge earned by many years of experience and hard work of our staff. Our scope of work covers assessing market conditions with pricing trends, providing offers that satisfy our clients' goals, and supervising the closing process until the product is delivered. If needed, we help with transportation and are ready to use our professional expertise to solve issues that may arise in the path to successful deliveries. With its record and performance, EGR CONSULTANTS LLC expects to grow and continue to meet and exceed the expectations of its customers. We truly appreciate your interest and look forward to serving you promptly.